What is the value of a gift? Is it the monetary value of what is given, or is it the sentiment that is behind it?

A lot of people think that gifts have to be expensive for them to convey your thoughts or appreciation. But that is not the case. Oftentimes people will value a gift higher because of the consideration that was put behind it.

If we do want to talk about expensive gifts but still show an example, here is one. Let’s say you buy diamonds for somebody special in your life, and they adore them. But is there more thought in being able to provide perhaps a lower value of say Emerald, because you know that it matches their eyes. Now to the recipient, which is likely to have more impact?

I am a big fan of the show Breaking Bad. In one of the episodes Walt gives a gift to a very wealthy friend of his and is a bit embarrassed when he realizes that it will be opened in front of all of the other guests. The gift was a package of ramen noodles.

This gift didn’t even have the intrinsic value of what we would come to expect as a present. In this case the gift was the thought or the thought was the gift. It reminded them of a time when they were starting out and that’s what they have lived on. So therefore even the gift itself, a package of ramen noodles, isn’t something that is very utilitarian or something that a person would treasure. It is only the thought that went behind it.